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    I need some serious help


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    I need some serious help

    Post  LyingMali on Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:54 pm

    In terms of being a somalian, I, Hannad Mohammed propose a long story about how I grew up to become a true fighter for my people, town, and country.

    It started in woolwich, when I was 6. I was walking down the market with my 2 year-old cousin to find great bargins and deals and hopefully some rice and banana Very Happy , But all somalians have a dream. Anyway, so a load of outnumbered black people approached me all wielding shanks, and they were all tonker than my mate david. I still managed to pull this one off, I gave them a 'screw-face' and spat in his face and ran across the Market. This gave me enough time to call army somalians, (Note: I've known them for LIFE, me and my mali's are TIGHT. I know BAREEEE of them) and so we marched down Woolwich market to take them down. I got hurt a little, but I still did most of the work out there, but that yet calls for glorious victory to woolwich once again, saved by TOPFIGHTER! cheers

    Oh and one more story, just for the record. It was 4 am at the night on a school day, I didn't care about it anyway so I was bustin' down bexleyheath with my bruvs and come across like 8 pikeys vs just me and my boy. We took them down nicely, they all got fucked specialy by me. They couldn't handle my outbulked strength Cool , It was just too much for them. My bro was just jammin' so it was basically me doing all the action Laughing , so anyway after that some half cast chick started lipsin me and stuff that night, man it was just one of those regular nights. so i banged her the next day and told everyone it was my 34th chick, no one couldn't top that record, why? because im TOPFIGHTER! NO ONE MESS WID ME~

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